About the Class

The growing youth sports photography field is full of great opportunities for the photographer who can consistently produce studio quality light during an efficiently run volume photo shoot. Dave Stock knows this firsthand, and he will share with you what has been working in his business.

Dave had a simple vision when he ventured into the world of T&I (Team and Individual) sports: Approach each youth sports job as if you are on assignment for Sports Illustrated. Set up multiple lights, shoot more than a single image of each subject, pick the best shots and further enhance them with Adobe Photoshop before sending the files off to the lab for printing. He knew that his system would require extra work and expense, but he hoped it would equate to extra business and profit. And it has.

In this webinar, Dave will give you a general overview of the innovative, successful systems and techniques that his team has developed over the last 12 years:

  • See lighting demos for two to nine monolites, various light modifiers and portable tent studios for capturing individual and group photos, indoors or out, in a wide range of conditions.
  • Learn how he easily photographs 10 basketball teams (groups and individuals) with a single photographer and three assistants in just an hour, or 59 soccer teams and 355 individuals in 60 minutes with only three shooters and 11 assistants.
  • Learn the unique challenges of volume green-screen shoots.

So, are you ready to go well beyond the basic, single on-camera flash approach used by most youth sports photographers? You'll learn from one of the best here, and the rewards can more than justify your extra commitment to quality!

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