Setting Yourself Up for Success in Maternity Sales

Pete Wright M.Photog.Cr.

Are you making the sales you want in your maternity specialty (and beyond)? Successful sales start with having a structure in your sessions that helps you capture the images that will sell. So join Master Photographer Pete Wright as he discusses this and other keys to successful portrait sales in maternity photography! With him, you'll see the importance of creating a comfortable environment that translates to a great client relationship and leads to the bigger purchases you desire. And even more importantly, you'll learn how to use all of the time spent during the maternity session as a springboard—perhaps becoming that client's exclusive family photographer as you follow the growth of the baby.

Get ready to learn Pete's secrets behind the success of his studio in the maternity and infant market (in Richmond, Virginia) and get on the road to building your client base!

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Pete Wright Bio

As a fourth-generation artist and a second-generation photographer, Pete Wright, M.Photog.Cr., was raised in North Carolina in an environment rich in art and photography. His photographs were first published when he was 14 years old (when he accepted his first paying job as a photographer working for a regional newspaper). Years later, in 1997, his first studio (PW Photography) opened in Greenville, North Carolina. The following year, the company moved to Richmond, Virginia. The studio’s work has ranged from portraits and weddings to sports and editorials.

During his 25 years of working as a photographer, Pete has earned the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from PPA. He also received Photographer of the Year honors from PPA for five consecutive years (2007 – 2011), has been awarded several Fuji and Kodak Gallery Awards, was accepted into the PPA Loan Collection multiple times, has been featured in several national publications, and is fortunate to have lectured around the world about his passion for photography. He loves to teach and inspire others to follow or find their passion in photography and use that passion to build a successful business!

Pete is a true believer in the term "pay it forward," and he feels it is his responsibility to be an open book. He hopes to share his own knowledge to help create educational opportunities and expose new photographers to a diverse and talented group of photographic educators. It is his life's goal to see the photographic industry survive and thrive in change!