About the Class

Have you ever wondered why your website doesn't show up in Google or Bing, even when you search for your own brand name? Have you been told it's time to "do SEO" but don't know where to start? Well don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of SEO information across the Web—start here!

In this webinar, you will:

  • Explore common pitfalls small business owners experience when pursuing Search Engine Optimization strategies.
  • Learn how search engines discover and evaluate web content to lay the foundation for the tactical insights to follow.
  • Learn insights to prioritize your time and resources to pursue keyword phrases that will help support your business goals.
  • Receive recommendations for a consistent and consolidated approach to search marketing, leveraging your independent competitive advantages to stand out in Search.
  • Discuss common search engine penalties, their implications, and how to avoid them.

Our goal is to empower small business owners to unlock the considerable opportunity afforded by search engines—to authentically connect with your audience and to leverage the digital landscape to grow your business.

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