About the Class

Examining people is like watching snowflakes – no two are exactly alike! Any salesperson will say that you can categorize most people into a few groups; the good salesperson actually knows which category! In this class, you’ll study 4 main personality types and discover effective ways to sell to each.

Listen and learn as Instructor Deanna Duncan separates people into her main groups – Directors, Relators, Socializers and Thinkers. Discuss attributes that are important to each group, products that appeal to them and the processes you need to use to successfully sell to each. When you’re done, you’ll be able to identify current clients and potential prospects so you can sell them just want they want – and need!

Whether it’s that unemotional, practical person who never seems to break a smile, your good-time, social butterfly customer who laughs at everything but doesn’t buy anything, or your calm, quiet client who can’t seem to make a decision, you’ll finally know the right tactic to take with them all!

Join Deanna for Personality Psychology 101 and you’ll be amazed at the insight, knowledge and best of all, sales, that you’ll gain!

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