Secrets to Running a Studio in a Small (or no!) Space

Marnie Clagett CPP

The idea that photographers need a retail studio in order to be truly successful is a myth. The reality is, it is entirely possible to grow your business right in your own home. Join Marnie Clagett as she shares with you the secrets to make your small space (or no space at all) a studio that will give your clients the confidence to invest in you and your work.

Three takeaways:

1- How to get clients to treat you like the professional you are.

2- Practical ways to make a small space (or no space) work for your business.

 3- When to know that you’re financially ready to move to a storefront/larger studio.

Marnie Clagett Bio

Marnie and her husband, Bill, launched Clagett Photography in 2009. Thanks in large part to the mentorship and support they received from PPA, they have grown their high-end boutique studio from a 110-square-foot room in their home to a retail location in their city’s downtown historic district.

Today they run a six-figure photography studio that not only is hitting Benchmark standards, but is also built around their interests, personalities and passions. The result?  A business that they love, clients who are a joy to work with, and innovative marketing that has their entire town talking. Marnie has a heart for educating other photographers, too, not only to help elevate business and artistic standards for the industry as a whole, but also to see photographers achieve their own goals for improving their businesses and their lives.