Safe Bet: Photographing Portraiture’s Tiniest Subjects with Care

Joyce Smith

Join Joyce Smith for a behind-the-scenes look at perhaps the most talked-about portrait specialty in the last few years: newborn photography. As this specialty’s popularity has grown, poses have become increasingly complex. In fact, many photographers have expressed dismay over the danger they feel is inherent in this trend. That fear is best summed up as, "It's only a matter of time before this ‘newborn one-upmanship’ gets a baby hurt, and all photographers will be suspect and guilty by association."

Whether your style leans more toward lifestyle newborn photography or more intricate poses, safety should always come first. With Joyce, you’ll explore the different types of newborn sessions and the safety precautions that should be taken for each image. Ready to photograph the tiniest subjects with the utmost care?

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Joyce Smith Bio

Former English teacher and Ph.D. student Joyce Smith gleefully left academia for story-telling of a different kind and never looked back. She enjoys photographing what are surely Philadelphia’s most adorable babies, children and pets, and she brings her passion for research and learning to her photography business. With a classic yet distinctly modern style, Joyce creates refreshing, compelling portraits of her clients both on location and in her natural light studio, but she also enjoys the challenge of capturing extraordinary images in ordinary homes.

In addition to her portrait work at Joyce Smith Photography, she is the creative force behind WordSmith for Photographers and loves that her years of English study were not for naught in the end.