Rock ‘N’ Roll With It: How to Amp up Commitment and Create Super Fans

Brant Menswar

A true superfan will go to great lengths to be part of the experience created by their favorite artist. How do we create superfans within the workplace? How do we encourage and gain the highest levels of commitment from our people?

In this high-energy, music-filled, interactive keynote, Brant reveals how to create true fans in the workplace.  Presented through the lens of Rock ’N’ Roll, Brant captivates the audience with live music, powerful stories and emotional real life examples that provide practical strategies that can be used for immediate impact.

Unique Takeaways:
- Activating your company's core values
- Amping up employee commitment and accountability
- Aligning company values with employee feelings
- Discover your "Collaborative Voice

Brant Menswar Bio

Brant Menswar is a sought after keynote speaker, award-winning musician and author of "Rock ’N’ Roll With It: Overcoming the Challenge of Change.”  As a Partner with Banding People Together, his work has helped clients navigate change and influence the collaborative culture of companies like NASA, St. Jude's, Netflix, Verizon, Sony Pictures, Hard Rock and dozens of others. As the front man for the critically acclaimed blues/soul band, Big Kettle Drum, Menswar's voice has been described as “gritty and magnificent” by industry titans like Billboard and Sirius/XM Radio. Brant’s fundraising concerts have raised over a million dollars for the non-profit organizations he supports. He serves on the Board of Directors for Children’s Home Society of Florida and is a graduate of Florida Southern College.