About the Class

What is it about photography that makes you come alive? When are you most in flow when doing your work? What brought you into the world of photography and what keeps you coming back? In this conversation, we will explore these questions and how rediscovering your flow can tremendously improve your business. Studies have found that people are 500% more productive when in a state of flow, so we will dive into tangible techniques to discover your flow of work. We will delve into innovative play approaches in the photography world that have made certain photographers quite successful, while still staying true to their work. Finally, we will identify ways to navigate this post-pandemic world of uncertainty through a play-oriented mindset that will set you apart from the rest of the industry. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying how they can rediscover their flow & the benefits to their business
  • Learn techniques to tap back into their flow in order to do their best work
  • Explore success stories of photographers that embraced a play mindset at work
  • Walk away with actionable steps on how to implement a play-oriented approach to their work
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