Rebirth Of A Classic, Part 3

Kevin & Dixie Jordan

In this final episode, Dixie Jordan recreates the entire client experience. See how to make a great first impression on the phone and how to greet and guide a client through an initial consultation. Observe her methods of portrait projection which regularly result in portrait painting commissions. When creating fine art galleries for clients, Kevin believes in creating a timeless look in the camera. Our series closes out with a young boy’s studio session where the emphasis is again on simplicity of technique and pose with a timeless expression.

Kevin & Dixie Jordan Bio

Kevin and Dixie Jordan, PPA members since 2006, have been in business for over 14 years. The first three years were unsuccessful and ended with them facing bankruptcy. They decided not to give up and hit the education circuit with the attitude that if it can be done, they could do it. They attended every conference, workshop, seminar, and education event possible. This has been their college and best resource for their business.

They changed their products, pricing, vocabulary, and vision. They avoided bankruptcy, paid back all their debt and now run a successful studio. They also have time to spend with their children and love the service they provide to their clients.