M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API
About the Class

For almost a decade the mother and daughter(s) team at Real Life Studios has been running a profitable, successful and downright luxurious Volume & Senior Portrait business.  Mary Fisk-Taylor has co-owned a very high-end portrait and wedding business in Richmond, Virginia for over 25 years and after hearing so many of her clients complain about their sub-par school and event pictures approached her Mom, Debbie Fisk and sister, Andee Moore about opening a boutique volume and senior portrait studio.  Together this team decided that just because it is volume does not mean it has to lose all creativity, personal care and professionalism.  They started Real Life Studios and never looked back.  This team specializes in small private school volume and senior portraits and never fails to deliver the best experience both in and out of the camera room.  This program will give you some of their top performing business practices including how to secure school contracts without commissions, maximizing your senior portrait sales from a contract school, processes and procedures to streamline their small business and their luxury client experience on a volume budget.

3 Take Aways

School & Event Contracts without paying Commissions
Maximize your Senior and Volume Sales
Luxury Client Care on a Volume Budget

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