Psychology of Pricing Portraits

Bry Cox M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Do people complain about price? Do they want everything digital? Do they buy the least  amount possible or change your packages? Do you work long hours feeling underpaid?  Attend this PPA webinar and learn and understand some fundamental and key facets to  the psychology of pricing. This will give you a lot to think about while also laying the  groundwork for my more in depth program on the Psychology of High End Sales at  ImagingUSA. Proper pricing is fundamental to good sales system. Sadly, some want to make sales  about corny tactics or canned phrases, but it’s not. It’s about understanding people and  social dynamics, and presenting your work in a way that clicks with the client’s mind.  And the first part of that is knowing the psychology of pricing. So whether you sell packages or a la carte, and no matter your skill or current price level, this webinar is for you

Bry Cox Bio

Bry Cox is a PPA Master/Craftsman with PPA Certification, an Adobe software Partner, and NIK software partner. For over a decade, he has taught workshops to professional photographers all over the US and Canada, and many places in China as well. He has created many tools for photographers including Photoshop tools, tutorial DVDs, and three self-help books which have had rave reviews.

Bry Cox’s images are used by Capitol Records, CMT, ads for Fuji Film, ads for PocketWizard, and for covers/national magazines like Billboard, TV Guide, American Photo, Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, American Girl, and photography magazines in China and Canada. His images are used by VIPs, filmmakers, TV anchors, musicians and other prominent people like LeAnne Rimes, Natalie Cole, Olivia Newton-John, Ryan Shupe, Donny and Marie Osmond, Kenny Loggins, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Forbes, Mitt Romney, and the last four Utah Governors!

Short list of image awards:
• Gold Medal Winner out of 25,000 International Photographers
• Master Photographer of the Year, and Photographer of the Year many times state and nationally
• 8 Time Winner of the Fuji Masterpiece Award
• 6 Time Winner of the Kodak Gallery Award
• A PPA Master/Craftsman many times over.

Bry’s workshops are a good combination of business principals juxtaposed with the creative aspects of a successful artist.