About the Class

For decades, we've looked at sales upside down. It's been a taking experience instead of a giving one. Business owners, particularly purpose-driven photographers, have found making sales uncomfortable and fearful. Even worse, many have AVOIDED sales, which has limited their ability to grow and prosper.

The true nature of sales is that it is the greatest act of service we can provide for our clients. It's actually what client's hire us for—our expertise and advice on what is the best fit for them. When done with integrity and with an intelligent business model the money is in fact a benefit of the process and not coming from a place of neediness. Neediness drives people away.

Here are some of the topics we'll discuss:

  • How to Up-Serve not Up-Sell
  • Do you have an attitude of entitlement? You might be surprised!
  • Fear: It's not just in your head. Retraining how your body responds to sales
  • What does improv have to do with sales? A lot!
  • Help build their vision for meaningful sales
  • How information equality has changed the photo industry
  • Seems like opposites: Thorough yet simple sales

Recommended reading prior to or after the webinar: "To Sell is Human" by Daniel Pink.

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