About the Class

There are a lot of ways to sell your images to your clients. Many photographers swear by the projection sales system because it helps them guide their clients in choosing the right products as opposed to just “taking orders.” In this video, instructor Lori Craft explains why and how she uses projections sales…and how you also could use it professionally, start to finish.

With her you’ll learn about…

  • The benefits of projection – How it can help you bond emotionally with your client, educate and wow them.
  • The nuts & bolts of what you need for a projection sales system – Your software and hardware options, what Lori uses, and even how to set the stage in the actual sales room.
  • Finessing your sales presentation – How to prepare for your projection sales session (and prepare the client).
  • Brilliant tips for selling larger wall portraits – How to learn and show what your clients need.
  • Strategies to avoid buyer’s remorse – You don’t want clients calling back to downsize their order!

After all, it doesn’t matter what you’ve created if your clients don’t want to buy. So join Lori and see how projection sales might be the missing link for your studio!

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