Projection Sales: Advanced Techniques

Lori Craft Cr.Photog.

You create great images for a client…then what? It comes down to sales, but most photographers aren’t natural salespeople. That’s why it doesn’t hurt to learn a few tried-and-true sales techniques to boost your numbers. So if you use projection sales (or are thinking about it), tune in as PPA instructor and photographer Lori Craft shares how to optimize sales via these sessions.

These more advanced projection sales selling techniques will help you…

  • Understand the difference in selling collections vs. individual prints (and how to use that knowledge to sell more as you focus on the emotional and financial value of collections).
  • Know who you’re selling to, from figuring out who the decision-maker is (and getting that person to the sales session) to understanding the different buying mindsets.
  • Increase sales with incentivized pricing (and what you can use as incentives).
  • Use your projection software to help the clients make choices and visualize what they can do with it – Seeing is believing after all!

Before you’re done, you’ll understand how the projection experience differentiates and highlights your studio and professionalism, and how you can use it to go beyond your clients’ expectations! (And that usually leads to higher sales, too!)

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Lori Craft Bio

Lori Craft manages a successful portrait studio in the historic town of Marshall, Michigan with her husband, Dennis Craft.  Together they operate Craft Photography. Dennis is the portrait photographer and Lori's talents for the business lie in the marketing and promotional areas of the studio.  

The Crafts owe much of their studio success to Dennis's creative photography and the passion both Lori and Dennis have for business, with an aggressive marketing plan and a good relationship with their staff and clients.  Lori's plan for the business has expanded in the last few years to include underclass and event photography.  As the industry and the economy changed, so did the portrait studio.

Lori received her Craftsman Degree in 2000.  She enjoys being able to travel and speak to photographers about her role in the industry. Lori has been a featured speaker for PPA, a variety of State and Affiliate organizations, and industry leaders such as Burrell Colour Imaging and Kodak.  She has had the opportunity to speak internationally to photographers in both Korea and China and enjoys working with photographers to inspire and encourage them to look at their business with a new perspective.  Lori is constantly exploring new avenues of marketing and business and continues to work at growing their studio despite the declining economy. With all that in her life, which she balances with great enthusiasm, her most treasured position is Mom to her three children.