About the Class

“If you don’t show it, you can’t sell it” is the mantra that instructor Kay Eskridge instills during this video class. So watch and learn how to create and sell products that will give your children and family portrait sales a surge! You’ll become a merchandising expert as you discuss:

  • Ideas for products beyond prints – how Kay uses and sells them, and how they might work for your clients.
  • How to be a boutique! Don’t just settle for the traditional – include framing and specialty items from photo jewelry to image boxes and more.
  • The ultra-important art of the pre-sell and how to plant the “seed” in the client’s mind, from changing your displays to creating a welcome kit and having your “brag book” on display (full of thank you cards from well-pleased clients).
  • How to show what you do best and give clients the options they most desire, from setting up your studio lobby a certain way to wearing the photo jewelry you sell (or might start selling after this class!).
  • How to gild the lily and package your packages.

And Kay isn’t all talk – she’ll be showing examples throughout the video so you can see the real deal!

(These tips can be used for any business model, but Kay uses examples from her low-volume, high-sales studio.)

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