About the Class

Workflow is not exciting or sexy. After all, you started your business because you’re an artist. But in this online course, PPA Instructor and workflow guru, Prem Mukherjee, shows you how systematic workflow can be your best friend to help you run the most successful business you can.

In an information-packed class, Prem will walk you through the workflow processes that ensure consistent, high-quality products and customer service each and every time.

Learn how to make your business more efficient by using a workflow process. Prem highlights each aspect of the process:

  • Initial lead tracking – learn how to handle and track everything from your client’s first phone call to booking their wedding.
  • Process tracking – ensure your client knows all policies and procedures, how to track the paperwork, the payments, and even that all equipment is in–house and ready to go for the shoot!
  • Post-production – this is everything after the wedding shoot, and Prem covers it thoroughly in a separate course, Post Wedding Workflow. A must-have for all wedding photographers!

Using Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth, Prem demonstrates how an organized workflow makes your business better, easier and more efficient. Take this class and discover how workflow processes can free you up to concentrate on what you love best—the image!

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