PR 101 for Photographers: Old School Tactics for Present Day Success

Jennifer Spengler

How often do you pick up the local paper and read a feature story about someone else's business, maybe even another photographer's studio? Ramping up for the launch of your new business, but have no advertising budget? Wonder what it would take to get YOUR story in print or on the evening news?

Start with basic public relations tactics, excellent and affordable tools for photographers with BIG news. In this online class, Jen will teach you how to create PR materials, reach out to the media, build relationships and spread the news about your work without the high retainer, overhead and hourly fees often associated with PR agencies.

The key to great public relations, though, is finding the right angle. The information you share has to be newsworthy, true and (forgive the pun) in focus. So, consider your business – its composition, if you will – and highlight the information you want the public to have through the basic PR tools you'll learn in PPA's "PR 101 for Photographers."

We value your feedback and want to know how we can improve. Please share your thoughts about the class here.

Jennifer Spengler Bio

Jennifer Spengler, a marketing and PR specialist with more than 20 years of experience, is the founder of PR in a Flash, a public relations writing service. Jennifer has worked with non-profit organizations, hospitality and sports corporations, large public relations and advertising agencies, and a multitude of small businesses in areas such as beauty, fitness, travel, retail, restaurants, creative services and more.

With firsthand knowledge of the success that well-written PR materials can bring (both as a PR professional and small-business owner), Jennifer is precisely positioned to help other small businesses and creative professionals reach their target market.

Jennifer and her husband, Michael Spengler, together own studio m la jolla, an exclusive boutique photography studio located in La Jolla, Calif. Through the combined talents of Michael's superb work and Jennifer’s marketing and public relations savvy, their business has flourished and demand for her publicity expertise has increased. PR in a Flash, originally conceived to help other photographers reach similar prominence through public relations, is now a picture perfect publicity partner for any small business or creative professional.