Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers

Ramon Ray

Learn how to nurture your potential customers by helping them learn to like and trust you, which will improve the client experience as well as your photography sales! Ramon Ray will show you how in this PPAedu Live session.

Topic Highlights:

• How small business owners and entrepreneurs can ATTRACT, SELL, and WOW
• Learn the three-phase process which helps you attract more customers and to educate them until they buy
• How to wow your clients so they buy again and again...and tell others

Ramon Ray is the editor of Smart Hustle magazine. He is a leading authority on social media and branding. Ramon is an expert on building customer relationships, networking, and utilizing technology tools.

Ramon Ray Bio

Ramon is not a Law Enforcement Officer - but did graduate from the FBI Citizens Academy. Ramon was never on Sesame Street - but has done puppet shows in developing countries. Ramon is not a preacher - but is a small business evangelist. As a four-time entrepreneur, Ramon knows what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and communicates his insights to audiences around the world. Ramon makes each talk personal and relevantto his audience...and fun!