About the Class

Once the Big Day is done, your work is just beginning! In this class, instructor Prem Mukherjee gives you an in-depth look at his post-wedding workflow. Learn the checklists, processes and systems involved to get from shoot to images to client delivery – expertly and efficiently.

Just a few things Prem shares...

  • Software programs he recommends for an expert workflow.
  • His post-production calendar and checklist to get you from click to client delivery!
  • The importance of a production system to log orders.

Post-production is all about having a plan and Prem outlines every detail and aspect of his so that you can develop one that works for your studio. A systematic and organized approach ensures a) everything that needs to get done actually gets done and b) you deliver high quality and consistent client satisfaction.

Find out why Prem’s studio was ranked as the highest-performing home studio in the country by PPA’s latest benchmark study. With his engineering background, Prem is highly organized, efficient and profitable!

Plan your work and work your plan – the Prem way! This is one example you won’t forget!

We value your feedback and want to know how we can improve. Please share your thoughts about the class here.

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