Posing: The Basic Five

Hanson Fong M.Photog.Cr.

The conundrum of couples photography – how to pose them, where do you put the guy, should the girl be in front, what if he’s super tall or even worse, she is? How do you pose large body types, smaller body types or one of each?

This class is Posing 101, and once you’ve mastered these techniques, couples portraiture will be a snap. PPA Instructor Hanson Fong walks you through 5 basic posing techniques. These are 15 minutes that will change the way you position your clients, so get ready!

Learn how to pose couples side by side, in a “first date” stance, looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. The girl in the forefront, then in the back, open poses and closed shots. Never again will you worry about how to handle varying heights or body sizes, where they should look or what to do with their hands. Discover how to angle faces and bodies to create the most expression, the best drama and the most flattering shots for your clients.

Just 15 minutes of your life – it’s worth it!

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Hanson Fong Bio

Hanson Fong is not just another wedding photographer. With over 35 years of experience, images published in numerous magazines and a plethora of degrees and accolades, Hanson is globally recognized as one of the premier photographers in the industry. This award-winning photographer and instructor sets the gold standard for others to follow, and the chance to watch him in action is not to be missed!

Known for his enthusiasm, animated personality and immense talent, Hanson's live shooting and posing demos are something to behold, especially when combined with large-scale projection images and discussions of his work. His talents and techniques span both the world of fine art and photography, and he brings a unique aesthetic style to all his work.

Hanson has lectured at every major photography school across the United States and is a frequent guest speaker at regional, national and international events and conventions. A few minutes with this inspirational personality, and you'll understand why his calendar stays full!

Website: hansonfong.smugmug.com
Facebook: Hanson Fong