M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

Do you know a teenage girl who loves the way she looks in photos? It may take some time, so while you’re thinking about that,watch this video class and learn how make your senior girls love the way they look!

In this fun, entertaining demonstration video, Bry Cox walks you through everything you need to know about posing these senior photo shoots. Along with the importance of managing your lighting and metering each pose, you’ll learn…

  • A variety of poses you can use and how to make her look her best in all of them.
  • How/why to get at least one traditional yearbook shot before going more creative and unique.
  • How to adapt the poses to casual and formal clothes – You’re dealing with a teenage girl so wardrobe changes are a must!
  • How to successfully include a senior’s hobbies/activities while making her look good.

With Bry, you’ll learn how to get those consistently great shots with smart poses that even the senior girl will love, from traditional to maybe a little crazy and off the wall!

We value your feedback and want to know how we can improve. Please share your thoughts about the class here.

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