About the Class

Group portraits can be difficult; add in an outdoor setting and things get even more challenging. But in this quick and easy video, PPA Instructor Hanson Fong takes the guess work out of groups – and shows you how to capture that outdoor shot of the whole gang!

Learn how to assess your surroundings, look for the natural light, shade, shadows and the perfect background. Discover when and how to add fill light, the perfect camera angles and the other equipment and tools you’ll need.

Then, delve into the details of posing – the traditional shots, the casual shots and more. Learn how to pose people to show their relationships and emotions. Remember checklist items like tripods, stools, chairs and other props to achieve the uneven heights that you want in a photo.

This course is such a quick, easy tutorial on how to work with groups that it immediately puts you at ease and give you the confidence you need. Never fear the family portrait again!

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