About the Class

Not every photographer has what it takes to do group portraits – but you can and will after this class! PPA Instructor and portrait expert Hanson Fong takes you inside to work with groups of up to 8 subjects!

Portraiture is all about lighting and posing, so Hanson starts with one light and teaches you when and why to incorporate more. You’ll learn how to expertly light the background, the hair, and bring focus to your subject.

Turn up the heat – and change up your lighting setup -- as you add more people to your portrait. Discover when and how to use reflectors and fill lights; discuss the exposure and ratios you need for the right images. Explore the types of poses and positioning for groups of 3, 4 on up to 8 people. Whether it’s open and closed poses, creating an uneven height line or blocking larger subjects with smaller ones, Hanson gives you the answer for every challenge you’ll face.

Welcome group portraits with open arms! This class will take you there!

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