M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

In this video class, PPA wedding photography expert, Bry Cox, shows how to get the perfect shots for that perfect couple. No matter your style of photography, Bry discusses posing details that work for any wedding couple (and make them look like they’re in love)!

You’ll be learning a variety of poses and expressions, from close-ups to full-length shots and everything in between. Bry walks you through some of the best options and provides pointers on how to make each work. For instance, you’ll learn about…

Posing bride & groom together:

  • How do you make her smaller and more feminine…and him bigger and more masculine?
  • What lighting should you use?
  • What details do you watch for on both him and her?

Posing them individually:

  • How do you bring out his personality and unleash her sassy side?
  • What shots and poses should you get?
  • When do you add the other half… and how?

And since most couples don’t step out of magazines, Bry also shows you how to work with photographic “problem areas” and still make them look fantastic! He’ll even share how you can make the end of your shoot fun, unique, dramatic and different. It’s a great way to end the shoot, and you’ll be in smiles at the end of this class, too!

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