M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

When planning a wedding, it’s all about the bride—HER day, HER dress, HER moment. What about the groom? After all, it takes two to tango, so you don’t want to exclude him! In this video class, instructor Bry Cox teaches you to how to pose this sometimes overlooked but essential leading man.

Through demos and discussion, you’ll learn the importance of making the groom look masculine in those poses. It’s not a gray area, it’s not a “maybe;” it is a critical part of photographing men. However, you don’t need your groom to wear a hard hat, show tattoos and carry a sledgehammer to look masculine! Bry actually shows you the poses and details that sell, including…

  • Sitting Poses – This can create a powerful look if you know how to direct the pose correctly.
  • Standing Poses – See what to do so your groom doesn’t look like the Tin Man.
  • Action Poses – He won’t be jumping out of an airplane, but learn some tips for great action shots!
  • Details that make the pose, from paying attention to accessories to using shadows and angles for stronger photos.

By the end, your photos will make it HIS day as well!

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