M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

A wedding is only supposed to be the most important day of a girl’s life, and you have the invaluable task of capturing that moment for all eternity. No pressure!

That’s why it’s important to take this video class to learn, as Bry Cox demonstrates (with a model in a wedding gown), how to pose your brides so you deliver the best shots and perfect variety for a WOW experience! Bry discusses these posing principles:

  • How to slim the body – even though she’s wearing white.
  • The importance of the waist and how to always flatter it.
  • Details that can make or break you.
  • Lighting, lens choices and camera angles that work.
  • The images you need to have.

Variety is the spice of life, and you’ll want to capture that in your bridal portraits. Full length, up close; sitting, standing; smiling, serious; classic, contemporary; fun, fashionable – Bry tells you why you want them all and the lighting that will work best with those poses.

Afterwards? You’ll be able to pose brides from Cinderella to Bridezilla and deliver photographic perfection!

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