About the Class

In the first of this two-part series, instructor Drake Busath addressed posing for couples. Now, he tackles the real challenge: brothers and sisters!

Many a photographer, at some point, gets asked to shoot a precious pair of siblings. As sweet as Mom and Dad may think their kids are, kids usually won’t turn on the charm in this situation unless the photographer knows what he (or she) is doing! Drake tells you how to pose them to bring out the best and, in some cases, even get them to touch one another! Follow along with his tips and demo, and you’ll learn…

  • How to position brothers and sisters for standing and sitting poses
  • What expressions work and how you get them
  • The variety of images you should shoot
  • How to pull off “The Great Reveal” to Mom and Dad…and what images they typically love

Once again, you’ll see the real deal during this video class as Drake uses live models to demonstrate. When you’re finished, you’ll have little Joey and Sarah lining up to be repeat customers!

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