About the Class

Ansel Adams might have had it “easy”—he worked with the American West, shooting stunning, breath-taking landscapes. With people as your subjects, the task becomes much more difficult!

As a professional people photographer, you’ll probably shoot plenty of couple sessions, so it’s important you know what you’re doing—how to pose them, where to pose them, what to do with them. Enter instructor Drake Busath to the rescue! In this first part of “Posing for Two,” he’ll show you how to expertly position younger and more mature couples so their images showcase their relationship.

Some of Drake’s expert advice includes…

  • Key poses that work great for younger couples – who’s sitting, who’s standing, who’s kneeling, when to do a high kick and a twist (not really!)
  • What type of shots to get, what variety you’ll need
  • What to do with the “mature” couple to ensure they are comfortable and happy with the images

You’ll love this class, thanks to Drake’s hands-on approach, demonstrating with real models so you see exactly what he means. You’ll even get to examine the results as Drake discusses what worked and what to do differently. It’s a live, virtual “hands-on” educational opportunity without leaving the comfort of your own couch!

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