About the Class

When shooting a maternity session, instructor Kay Eskridge says, “You never know what you’ll get!” You can’t prepare for everything, but she’s going to help you learn the poses, lighting and expert techniques to boost your confidence and help you get the best images possible.

In this class, Kay uses a real family—pregnant mom, dad and toddler—to demonstrate her tips for a variety of different shots. You’ll learn about…

  • Posing the family together (and strategies to capture those sure-selling images)
  • Posing mom alone (and how to showcase her pregnancy without making her look heavy!)
  • Posing mom and dad for lovely, intimate images
  • Adapting your poses for window light
  • Strategies to get younger children to focus and do what you want them to do
  • Keeping everyone (especially mom!) happy and comfortable

After this video class, you’ll be more ready than ever to capture those super-special, super-emotional maternity moments.

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