About the Class

Many women get nervous just thinking about this type of session, even though they booked it! So in this video class, Kay Eskridge explains how to make the client comfortable (physically and mentally) and what you need to know to have a successful session and create a work of art.

From her focus on customer care to face-to-face client consultations, Kay shares how (and why) she gets to know and befriend her boudoir clients. Learn how she learns what that client really wants…and what she doesn’t!

Then follow along through Kay’s boudoir photo shoot demo, where you’ll see the following in action…

  • Poses – What poses work? Which don’t? How can you safely and professionally communicate the change in pose you want the client to take (whether you’re a guy or gal yourself)?
  • Wardrobe & Expressions – Kay teaches you to start simple and build, from the poses to outfit ideas and the kinds of expressions you want to capture.
  • Adding Fun & Confidence – See how and why Kay keeps up the stream of compliments and makes the client feel like a real model.

This high-energy, enthusiastic class will take you from a blushing novice to a consummate professional in the boudoir photography specialty.

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