About the Class

To be successful, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel; just find a new way to use it! Instructor Kay Eskridge shows you how to do just that when it comes to marketing your portrait photography business. Here are some of the ideas that Kay examines during this video—get ready to add to your marketing arsenal:

  • Industry vendors are your friends, so learn how you can work with them and their resources to create new marketing avenues and promote your partnership.
  • See ways to find, engage and develop those local business partnerships. Client referrals will open doors for you, so learn how to use them!
  • Learn different display ideas for your studio to help you sell products and continue educating people about what is possible and how good they really can look.
  • Use charitable events and functions as a chance to give back but also spark your business. (Learn how to take this opportunity to offer something new!)

By the time you’re done, Kay gives you everything you need to create win-win marketing partnerships that translate into clients and sales. Just be sure to be prepared for those new clients (and Kay’s got you covered there, too)!

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