Photoshop Techniques: Retouching Portraits Part 3

Suzette Allen Cr.Photog., CPP, API

What do you know about “virtual dentistry?” How do you open someone’s eyes? Want to give a client that healthy glow? PPA Instructor Suzette Allen tells you how to do that (and much more) with Photoshop in this last video class of a three-part series.

Join her as she puts the finishing touches on her expert explanation and demonstration of the Photoshop retouching techniques you need to know and will probably use on a daily basis, such as:

  • Simple eye retouching tricks, from enhancing catch lights to sharpening a soft image
  • A great way to remove glass glare
  • The key to “virtual dentistry”
  • How to use layer masks to remove or fix clothing issues
  • Ways to diminish color differences between subjects
  • A more controlled way to use the liquefy tool

Again, you could read your Photoshop instruction manual…but who would pass up having some of the best portrait photography tools explained and shown to you by another pro photographer? Don’t make your life (or your business) harder than it has to be! Take Suzette’s Retouching Portraits series now!

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Suzette Allen Bio

The in-demand Adobe® Photoshop® instructor in the photographic industry, Suzette Allen is known for her down-to-earth and easy-to-understand teaching style with an intense focus on efficiency. She has a remarkable talent for simplifying Adobe Photoshop, and consistently gets rave reviews from her students. All of her material is relevant to portrait/wedding/event photographers because she is backed by 25 years as a professional photographer and years of experience as a photo lab’s digital retoucher. Understanding what is truly valuable, applicable and practical for today’s photographer is what makes her classes so popular—and useful!  Suzette has been an international speaker for photographic conventions and an instructor at a dozen of the PPA Affiliate Schools. She is the recipient of many imaging awards and is currently the “Photoshop Expert” on, a resource site dedicated to digital photographers. Her classes, programs and instructional products all reflect this solid philosophy for working in Adobe Photoshop: Use nondestructive methods that are flexible for creativity but still maintain the vital element of efficiency!