Cr.Photog., CPP, API
About the Class

In this second part of a three-part series, PPA Instructor Suzette Allen takes up where she left off: making you a Photoshop expert!

As you probably already know, Adobe Photoshop has thousands of options that could take you years to learn and master. But Suzette simplifies the learning process by sharing what works best and what you need as a pro photographer. Building on the foundation from Part 1, you’ll dig deeper into layering (no pun intended) and more as you learn how to…

  • Use adjustment layers for non-destructive retouching.
  • Use layer masks to create composite images (think head swaps and distraction removal).
  • Create a curves adjustment without affecting your highlights.
  • Best reduce redness in a subject’s complexion.

You may think you know what you’re doing now, but just wait…when Suzette is done, you’ll have the confidence to make this complex software yours!

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