M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

In this course, PPA instructor Julia Kelleher shares her expertise and experience, teaching you the Photoshop tricks you need to create a beautiful composite that will wow your clients!

Julia first discusses how to manage and control the elements in your photos:

  • Adjusting skin tones using the color channel, the lasso tool and selective color adjustment.
  • Creating a creamy, out of focus background with the brush tool and tilt shift blur tool, so your images really stand out.
  • Liquefying Mom… not really!! Julia teaches you how to use the liquefy tool and manipulate your pixels for the perfect maternal image.

Then, watch how to bring it all together for a two-image and three-image composite. Discuss the poses you want to capture, the equipment you’ll need, and then how to blend, refine and layer for the perfect effects.

Julia makes it look easy, behind the camera and the computer. Learn how you can too!

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