Photoshop: Retouching for Beauty

Jen Hillenga M.Photog.Cr.

In this course, PPA instructor Jen Hillenga, teaches you how to enhance your subject’s beauty, using some quick and easy Photoshop tricks.

Jen first covers the options you have with Photoshop, like controlling exposure, color, crop and vignette. She also gives you the steps to use so that you don’t go overboard or lose the integrity of your images.

Then drilling down into the specific tools, Jen explores:

  • Vignette creation and blemish removal, using the burn and patch tools.
  • Using the history brush and the proper modes and opacity to create great-looking highlights.
  • How and where to add shadows so they enhance your photo and look natural.
  • Selective blurring techniques to create those extra effects.

In her easy and effective way, Jen breaks this down so that you can take your images from beautiful to breathtaking!

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Jen Hillenga Bio

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design and working for several studios, Jen Hillenga started her own studio in 2004 with business partner, Kate Cosentino, in Savage, Minnesota. In 2008, they established an online superstore for Professional Photography products called The store has quickly become the leader in online professional products for photographers around the world.

In the years since opening Momento Images, Jen has been able to master her skills as a photographer as well as a digital artist, allowing her to turn her images into artworks and gaining her international recognition and awards among her peers. Jen focuses on the story behind each image and the internal as well as external beauty of each subject by relating to her clients with sensitivity and humor.