About the Class

Photoshop provides so many product options, but only if you know how to use them. In this class, PPA instructor and Photoshop guru Jen Hillenga zeros in on a popular design that is sure to be a crowd favorite—the Senior 5 x 7 Graduation Card.

Even if you’re new to senior products, Jen gives you the knowledge and confidence to look like a pro. You’ll learn all the steps you need to know, all the way from templates to text. Some of the areas you’ll cover include:

  1. The Collage: Learn how to create an awesome collage – Jen discusses the drag and drop, autoselect and how to move images around. Discover what your smart guide does, why you need Control E and what the marquee tool does.
  2. Color blocking: Jen shows you how to make a color block, and even how to make a design within your color block. You’ll be managing color, alignment, and patterns with a few easy strokes.
  3. Graphic design: Taking it up a notch, learn how to add brush designs, lines and other style effects to your card.
  4. Text: Use text to help your photo tell the perfect story. Jen shows you how to incorporate what you want to say and in the style you want to say it.
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