M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr., CPP, F-ASP
About the Class

Often, the most nerve-wracking part about a competition is not knowing what the judges want. Well, put those worries aside because PPA instructor Michael Timmons is here to tell you exactly how images are judged in print competition. It’s like getting the questions on the test before you take it!

First, you’ll discuss the different ways you can enter and the merits associated with each. Learn about districts and IPC; understand the differences between the photographic and artist open categories. Discover how you earn merits with loan collection and general collection images. Once you know how to enter, Michael walks you through the specifications for print and digital images. Discuss minimum and maximum sizes of your prints; delve into pixels, calibration and digital details. Explore mounting, metering and even how to set up your prints at the competition – Michael even has a chart, showing where to set your easel compared to the judges’ chairs!

Best of all, Michael shares how images are judged. Learn how points are awarded, the scoring categories, the rotation of judges and so much more. You’ll even discuss how challenges and reviews are handled and the processes for each. As each layer of mystique and mystery is revealed, the competition process becomes less and less formidable. This is an info-packed class and as you learn all the details and definitions, feel your confidence in print competition soar!

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