Perfect Exposure: White Balance and Metering

Steve Kozak M.Photog.Cr., CPP

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the technical aspects of photography and just focus on the art. But, there are a lot of systematic elements that go into capturing the right picture, especially with lighting and exposure. It’s not always sexy, but it IS essential!

In this class, Instructor Steve Kozak walks you through the ins and outs of creating the perfect exposure so that you can have perfect pictures!

Get a little technical as you discuss metering, how it works and how to calibrate your camera. Examine the difference between reflected and incident meter readings. Understand your histogram and its limitations. Not exactly coffee table conversation, but it’ll make you an awesome photographer!

Steve also discusses manual versus auto exposures, color and the challenges of white balance. This class presents a ton of technical info in an easy-to-understand, straightforward manner – and then Steve puts it all into practice with a live model. Once you’ve mastered the practical side, you’ll find you have more control over your creativity. So, register today!

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Steve Kozak Bio

Steve Kozak is an active member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Texas Professional Photographers Association. PPA Certified and having earned “Master of Photography” and the “Craftsman” degrees, his work has appeared in the prestigious “Loan Collection.” Professional recognition of his work includes the Masterpiece Award from Fuji Film USA and the Sunset Print Award from LexJet. He has served on the PPA Board of Directors and is a PPA qualified instructor for PPA Certification prep classes.

Steve has recorded over a dozen videos for the PPAedu program. These videos include classes on the fundamentals of photography, manual flash photography, exposure, opening a new studio as well as videos for CPP study preparation.


He has taught 19 years at the prestigious Texas School of Professional Photography and 16 years at Imaging USA.  He has also taught at the Mid-America Institute of Professional Photography, The East Coast School, and Image Explorations near Victoria, British Columbia.

Steve serves as the Executive Director of the Texas Professional Photographers Association.