Owning Your Market

Beth Jansen

Ed Pierce, PhotoVision’s host, sits down with Beth Jansen to discuss how she built her business to such a successful level in only a few years after relocating to a new state. Beth explains in detail the steps she initially took to grow her business, how she specifically targets clients who will match and appreciate her style, and her overall approach to marketing which she fully believes needs to include social media.

Beth Jansen Bio

Beth Jansen is Oklahoma City’s premier children’s portrait photographer specializing in natural light, candid portraiture of newborns, babies, children and families.

Beth has had a passion for the arts since she was a little girl. A music lover and an art collector, she has always adored photography. Once she had her two children her passion for photography became a personal quest to become proficient with a camera. It all started when a friend gave her his old SLR film camera. A few years later and several hundred experimental shoots, Beth Jansen Photography was born. While mostly self-taught, Beth owes much of her knowledge to other amazing photographers who have been friends and mentors along the way. Beth uses only available light, shoots on-location, and 90% of her work is with kids. She has a non-traditional approach to photography and the art of finishing a photo.

“My sole purpose is for my images to say, ‘WOW’. I want images that make you feel! I love a life of color coupled with whimsical modernism and work hard to show that off in my photography.”