About the Class

Are you at a place in your wedding career that you want your brides to receive albums that are a work of art?  Do you feel like you're shooting a story that never gets told?  Do you not enjoy designing albums because you feel like you’re squeezing image requests into a small number of pages?

Many photographers think that showing more pages than a client paid is a “bait and switch”.  It can be; so we must change the bait.  

Kristin and Paul’s album process begins with the first conversation with the prospective bride and groom, it defines the way they photograph, and it culminates with a planned and very intentional Reveal.  Their clients trust them to tell the complete story of their wedding day and are willing at the end of the process to upgrade their book so that no moments are missed.  Join Kristin Privette with Footstone Photography as she explains every detail of their album design and sales process.  

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