Marketing for Seniors: The Model Program

Jen Basford Cr.Photog.

Working with high school seniors is a one-time deal, right? Take their senior portraits, make their moms and dads happy and move on. Well, Jen Basford’s Senior Model Program and Fashion Show is an ingenious marketing idea that extends the “senior season” and your product offerings as well!

Listen up as Jen shares her innovative techniques for marketing to high school seniors – via a fun, popular model program and fashion show! You’ll learn the ins and outs of what makes this method a proven success in Jen’s studio, including…

  • Her philosophy about how to approach this fickle market (and the need to create a true relationship).
  • The importance of exclusivity – your models want this, and rising seniors will want it too! The program is like a snowball rolling down hill, picking up momentum as it goes!
  • What benefits the models receive (and how it gets them in for their portraits earlier than normal).
  • How she produces successful fashion shows each year, setting her studio up as the experts and giving her models a great experience.

If you haven’t tapped into the senior market yet or if you’re looking to do it better, this class is a must! Jen’s marketing plans are fun, unique and, most importantly, successful! Sign up and learn how she does it today.

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Jen Basford Bio

Jen Basford is best known for her high school senior portraits and the annual must-see fashion show she puts on for upcoming seniors each spring. She owns a 3,500-square-foot, custom-designed studio in Edmond, OK, and markets to a high-end, fashion-forward boutique clientele. In fact, she has become one of the top senior portrait photographers in the Midwest largely due to her out-of-the-box approach to marketing, social media and client relationships.

Besides Jen's love of fashion, she enjoys posting on Instagram, obsessing over pretty office supplies at russell hazel, and Sonic's Diet Dr. Peppers. You can find her speaking to local and regional PPA groups, and educating next-level senior photographers through her organization Seniors Ignite.