M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

Whether you’ve been shooting newborn photography for years or you’re new to this segment, this class is sure to give your marketing strategy a boost.

Refresh yourself on Marketing 101—the difference between branding and client acquisition, why each is important and how you can use both to build your business. Discuss creative marketing strategies such as relationship building, events, promotions and vendor relationships. Julia then drills down into the concept of vendor partnerships and how this can help your business. She will cover:

  • Why partner with other vendors? Explore the benefits to both you and the potential vendor. After all, who doesn’t love a win-win?
  • Who makes a good partner? Discuss businesses that are an easy match but Julia also gets creative with her suggestions and so can you!
  • How you make it happen? Cold calls and emails won’t get it done; rather learn how to approach a vendor on their common ground, build rapport and establish a common objective.

Julia also discusses the ever-important “next steps” so that your efforts have a tangible result. Discuss follow up, the importance of preparing and delivering a “vendor packet” and displays that will not only appeal to your new partners but help your client acquisition process as well.

Julia’s out of the box marketing ideas are sure to kickstart your newborn business!

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