About the Class

Would you rather poke a fork in your eye than make a phone call to a prospective client?  Does the idea of walking into a professional networking event give you hives and send you into the fetal position?  Join the club, my introvert friend!  

The Scott’s have built a successful photography business (twice!) as introverts.  They are deeply connected in their community and have many loyal, lifelong clients (even though they don’t consider themselves overly social).  Having a tendency toward introversion can be a tremendous gift to your business if you know how to utilize the strengths that you have.  The Scott’s are here to share all their best strategies with you!

In this class you’ll learn:

1.  The strengths of introverts and how these can work to your advantage as a business owner.

2.  The photography business models that work best for introverts.  Work in a way that feels natural and comfortable for you, while also being profitable!

3.  Specific marketing strategies you can employ right away to connect you to your ideal clients in a way that doesn’t feel forced or exhausting.  You may never have to walk into a huge networking event again!

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