Chief Executive Officer, PPA
About the Class

You’ve got your own business; you’re the boss. Now what? Well, a good company has a good boss with loyal employees who love their jobs. So…how do you make sure all that happens?

In this video class, PPA’s CEO David Trust teaches you how to manage employees so that everyone feels like part of a winning team and a successful business. Some of the topics you’ll cover include:

  • Leadership – It’s not just about being top dog; it’s about inspiring those around you.
  • Employee Engagement – No, we’re not talking weddings! Instead, you’ll learn how to involve employees and give them a voice while still guiding and setting expectations.
  • Establishing a Vision – You’ll learn how to help employees see the big picture, not just the day-to-day tasks.
  • Handling Reviews & Conflicts – You’ll learn how and when to conduct employee reviews, confront issues, manage problems toward a resolution, and even how (and when) to handle a termination.

Being the boss means handling all these things, and with David’s help you’ll grow in know-how and confidence. Take this class and be the boss you always wanted to work for!

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