Make Your Photography Business Irresistible By Speaking The Secret Language of Your Ideal Customers

Jeffrey Shaw Cr.Photog.

Have you ever noticed that the clients you jump through hoops for are often the least profitable? While the clients that are the easiest to work with spend the most amount of money? Those are the clients you want more of, right?

Imagine a photography business where every one of your clients is worth your time and effort. Imagine no longer having to convince people of your value and the value of professional photography and instead, only work with people who already value you and what you offer.

The problem is that in your business there is a gap. A gap between your brand messaging, how to promote your business, and what your ideal customers need to see, hear, and feel to be motivated to work with you. However, by speaking the Secret Language of your ideal customers—their Lingo— you will close that gap. In this program, you’ll learn how to attract your ideal customers, offer the services they most want, and develop experiences to wow them.

The result will be a photography business that is more profitable, you’ll be able to create your best creative work, and build relationships with clients who will come back year after year and will rave about you to their friends. Not only will your business become irresistible, but running your business will be easier than it’s ever been and your life more fulfilled.

Jeffrey Shaw Bio

Based in Manhattan, Jeffrey has been the go-to portrait photographer for an exclusive clientele for 30 years. He is also a trained business coach from The Coaches Training Institute and an inspiring public speaker, having presented before 20 organizations in two years. He travels nationwide meeting his clients at beautiful destinations and working with photographers in workshops and conventions. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, in “O” magazine, People Magazine, CBS news, and most recently the cover of New York Family Magazine. Never one to follow a well-worn path, Jeff has built a meaningful life on instinct rather than rules and on his vision instead of circumstances.

During the height of Jeff’s career he hired a business coach to help him manage the many issues that come with a fast growing business—the rewards and the struggles. It was a period of deep soul searching and business expansion. Through this work there were many “a-ha!” moments and one stood out in particular: why he became photographer. 

Jeffrey is the youngest of three boys and during his youth there is only one known photograph capturing his entire childhood; literally no history that offers a photographic memory. This is the power of portrait photography. So half way through his career and with this new realization he would cement his purpose—to support his clients in being as responsible as they could be documenting their family’s treasured moments. This aspiration profoundly increased his commitment to his clients and resulted in stronger relationships, a business that directly supported his life’s purpose and an uncommon level of success.

Jeff’s personal experience with coaching over a decade ago and how it changed his life lead him to become a trained business life coach specifically for fellow photographers. He has committed to providing educational forums for photographers who want to improve their businesses and desire personal growth.