Cr.Photog., API
About the Class

There are some shapes we want to hide in our portraits, but there are other shapes we want to highlight! In this class, PPA lighting expert Tony Corbell teaches you lighting techniques to enhance the images of your most shapely subjects: the new mothers-to-be!

What lighting should you use? Tony walks you through…

  • Low-key and high-key lighting, and how to use them both. Did you know that skimming the light across the client’s belly creates a great, dramatic effect? Or that a change in body position or a tilt of the head can make all the difference? You will!
  • More unique poses and ideas to try, and how to use lighting to pull them off.
  • Using a multiple-light setup, and how to adjust the different lights to change the kinds of images you get.
  • How well window lighting works on maternity shoots.This low-cost option is right at your fingertips if you know how to use it, and Tony shares tips you may not have considered.

When Tony’s done, you’ll know how to use lighting techniques to really make your mamas-to-be glow…and it won’t be the hormones!

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