M.Photog.Hon.M.Photog.Cr., CPP, API,F-ASP
About the Class

In-home portraiture is not only super convenient, but creates a very touching, personal image. However, as the photographer, shooting portraits in an unfamiliar setting can be a challenge.

Enter PPA Instructor Dennis Craft to teach you everything you need to know about shooting in a client’s home...and even better, Dennis doesn’t just tell you; he shows you!

  • Watch as Dennis walks you through a client’s home, showing what he looks for in a location and in lighting
  • Learn to use your equipment to your advantage – your light meter and histogram, and tools like ExpoDisc are essential to creating the right image.

Dennis also demonstrates the importance of knowing what type of portraits to capture. Let’s be honest – your best bet is always to start with Mom, as she’s typically the most influential purchaser!

Building on the client relationship with the client, Dennis shows how he interacts with his subjects – especially the kids – and how that interaction elicits the best poses, expressions and eventually, images.

More than just a class on lighting, this course tells you how to shoot on location, even a client’s home, and own it!

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