M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

How does PPA instructor and portrait photographer extraordinaire Carl Caylor describe his approach? “If I wouldn’t have painted it with a brush and oils on canvas that way then maybe I shouldn’t photograph it that way.”

In this class, learn how you SHOULD photograph seniors by watching Carl do just that!

On location in downtown Atlanta’s historic Georgian Terrace Hotel, Carl walks you through every moment of this senior session. You’ll watch and learn as Carl describes and demonstrates what he looks for in a location and why. Discover lighting techniques like metering and color balance that can make or break your portraits. Learn posing and composition tips that will let your capture the light and your subject in stunning images.

From the beginning wardrobe selections through each stage of the shoot, Carl teaches you what to do in a fun, frank and informative manner!

This class is a must-have in your educational arsenal – so watch it today!

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