M.Photog.Cr., CPP
About the Class

A senior portrait is a huge milestone for a young person – and sometimes even more so for the parents footing the bill! How do you deliver a result that will knock their socks off AND make Mom and Dad want to purchase? Instructor Bry Cox shows you the lighting techniques you need to ensure the portraits are a smash.

From using softboxes to explaining how to meter and balance your light, Bry starts with the fundamentals. Want to know where you have the most light control and how to use it? You will. Bry also covers the magic of strobe lights, continuous lights, short and broad light – and the impact they make in your senior photos.

Then Bry steps it up a notch, discussing additional lights and techniques to incorporate. The kicker isn’t just a member of the football team; it’s a use of light to enhance your senior shoot! (If you didn’t know that, you will.) And it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also learn what you can do with color gels, what to mix, what to avoid, and how to go high-fashion with glamour lighting, hair lights and beauty dishes! After all, you won’t use what you don’t know.

By the end of this class, Bry will have taught you the tools, the techniques and even the posing tricks you need to make this the best shot of your senior’s high school career.

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