Cr.Photog., API
About the Class

Lighting isn’t luck; it’s know-how and experience…especially when it comes to knowing what light works best in what situation. So how do you use it appropriately to set the mood for the best images of adults and couples? In this video, instructor Tony Corbell explains how knowing and using your tools are the keys to such lighting proficiency.

Working with live models, Tony walks you through the types of lighting that work well for adults and couples. During the video, you’ll learn about:

  • Why the low-cost, natural source of window light works well in these situations.
  • What to use along with window lighting.
  • Why you can be more creative with lighting adults and how, from gels to reflectors to butterfly lighting.
  • How to get high-key effects without being over-bright.
  • The “corrections” you can make with lighting to make everyone look their best. (Anyone want to look more svelte or hide a double chin in a portrait?)

By the time Tony’s done, you’ll know how to use and control your studio equipment to make that couple radiant!

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